'Survivor' Crowns Season 34 Winner -- Find Out Who Won the $1 Million Prize!

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Warning: Spoilers ahead from Wednesday's Survivor finale.

's Game Changers season certainly lived up to its name! After 39 days, countless blindsides and one of the most shocking moments in TV history, Survivor has crowned a new champion.

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Congrats to Sarah Lacina!

The season truly kicked off as anyone's game, as the CBS reality competition brought back all-stars and fan favorites who fit the "Game Changer" bill -- with everyone from Malcolm Freberg and Ozzy Lusth, to Tony Vlachos and Zeke Smith.


Big players and even bigger threats were eliminated week by week, until Wednesday's season finale began with six remaining castaways -- Sarah, Aubry Bracco, Brad Culpepper, Cirie Fields, Troy "Troyzan" Robertson and Tai Trang.

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Sarah's big move last week seemed to set her up to win the million just as much as it put a target on her back -- and in the end she made it to the final three, alongside Brad and Troy.

A "bitter jury" -- as Michaela Bradshaw and Andrea Boehlke described to ET -- voted Sarah the winner. 

"Nobody wants to go out and make their family, their friends, their profession look bad, and so the first time I played, that weighed heavily on me. In order to come out and be successful, I had to let that go," she said after being named the winner. "I was given the right of way by everybody and I just came out guns a-blazing because the gates were open for me to do whatever I had to do knowing that they know who I am. And in fact, they beat me down for not being that the first time."

"It was really nice to have their blessing to come out and play this way, even though I hurt a lot of people," Sarah added. "It's not easy to watch back. I'm very proud of the game I played. I'm not proud of the way I treated people."

returns for season 35 this fall on CBS.

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