EXCLUSIVE: Britt Nilsson Talks Engagement, Wedding Planning & What 'The Bachelor' Taught Her About Love

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Britt Nilsson is a bride-to-be!

The brunette beauty, who appeared on Chris Soules' season of The Bachelor and was almost cast as The Bachelorette during Kaitlyn Bristowe's season, has officially found love off reality TV. ET caught up with Nilsson on Wednesday, where she gave us the scoop on her 34-year-old fiancé.

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Nilsson, 30, is engaged to Jeremy Byrne, who she says, "cuts hair, owns an apartment complex, does commercial acting and hosts spiritual intensive workshops all over the world."

The two have been dating for about a year and eight months, but previously struck up a romance "about four or five years ago" for about eight months as well.

"We got set up!" she explained. "I was doing a modeling shoot and the hair/makeup girl had attended school with Jeremy and told us we had to get together! She was right!"

Nilsson also told ET that it might sound "crazy," but she actually knew Byrne was "the one" before they locked eyes for the first time.

"I prayed about it and I just knew, before we even met face to face!" she exclaimed. "I've told all my girlfriends all this time but not him until now -- to keep the pressure off! -- but, whoo!"

Nilsson recently shared an adorable video to her YouTube page explaining exactly how Byrne proposed. In the clip, Byrne tell fans they got engaged on May 22, after he "started lying to her every day" so she wouldn't have any idea the exciting moment was coming.

Hear the full story below:

Nilsson told ET that the gorgeous engagement sparkler she's wearing in the video was Bryne's "great grandma's from the '30s."

"It's amazing," she gushed. "Love it! He also designed one that is still being made and will be ready in about two weeks."

As for wedding planning? Nilsson says they "wanna get right to it!" and wouldn't mind having it televised -- "how fun would that be?"

"We are thinking late August, early September," she revealed. "As soon as we can! I think we will have an intimate-feeling wedding -- not too formal, definitely outdoors -- but still try to invite as many loved ones as we can to celebrate."

"We want it to feel like a party, and a party that feels like us," she continued. "So, it will probably be under trees with Christmas lights with games and dancing and candles! And not a fancy chicken dinner you pick beforehand, something more fun. Maybe some cool food trucks? And the dress, I'm not sure yet! Simple and sweet."

Nilsson seems to be happier than ever (just take a look at her Instagram page!) and credits The Bachelor for teaching her a lot about love.

"The show taught me that love is complex and has more to do with really becoming someone's best friend than it has to do with fancy dates and helicopters," she shared. "I made some great friends on the show, but the realest, truest love of my life was in the real world, and I'd rather be grocery shopping with the love of my life than in a private jet without him. He's my one! And the rest all pales in comparison."

"It also taught me that everything works out," she added. "I just talked to Kaitlyn this morning and we laughed about the fact that it all ended up perfectly for both of us. So, you just have to have faith that it'll all end up all right, even if it's painful getting there. It's worth it! And I couldn't be happier or more thankful!"

She also feels grateful for all her fans and followers, who have continued to show her love and support even after her journey on The Bachelor ended.

"Thank you SO much to all the fans and followers who are being so encouraging, supportive and amazing," she said. "So many have reached out with such tender congratulations and heartfelt blessings for our marriage, it has me in tears. So much love to everyone who has followed me on this precious journey! God is so good, and it all works out in the end. Stay strong and keep believing for it. True love is out there!"

Congrats to the happy couple!

-Reporting by Deidre Behar

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