'Survivor' Contestant Jonny Fairplay Welcomes Baby Girl - Find Out Her Name!


Survivor contestant Jonny Fairplay and his longtime girlfriend, Caryn Finkbeiner, have welcomed a baby girl, Madilyn Jane, to their family, ET has learned.

The newest addition to the Fairplay family was born on May 20, weighing in at 7lbs, 10 oz. Fairplay, who is also father to 9-year-old daughter, Piper, whom he had from a previous marriage, couldn't help but gush about how excited he was about his new daughter.

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"I thought playing Survivor twice was tough, try raising two daughters," Fairplay told ET.

"I'm sending out an S.O.S. to Jeff Probst, send me back to the island!” he joked. "It's almost an immunity challenge to see who can hold Madilyn more between me, Caryn and Piper. She's healthy and beautiful and that's all we can ask for!"

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Fairplay appeared on Survivor: Pearl Island in 2003, finishing in third place, and Survivor: Micronesia, though he was the first contestant to be voted off. He's also participated in The Celebrity Newlywed Game, Celebrity Poker Showdown, Celebrity Fear Factor, Pawn Stars and Camp Reality.

For more on tonight's Survivor season finale, watch below.

Reporting by Brendon Geoffrion.