Ed Sheeran Clarifies Whether or Not He's Engaged to Girlfriend Cherry Seaborn


Ed Sheeran is setting the record straight on his relationship with Cherry Seaborn.

The 26-year-old singer stopped by Australia's Fitzy & Wippa radio show on Tuesday, where he responded to reports that he's now engaged to his longtime girlfriend. Interestingly enough, Sheeran has Russell Crowe to thank for the rumors, who referred to Seaborn as Sheeran's "fiancee" in the Gladiator actor's own interview on Fitzy & Wippa last week.

"[Sheeran] was on tour here and he was getting a bit burned out, so he came up and stayed at the farm for a couple of days to get some sleep and then we became conversational mates," Crowe said of the two becoming friends. "He has subsequently gone back to the farm with his fiancée for more time and stuff."

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However, Sheeran says Crowe was mistaken.

"You know, he's only met Cherry once and I didn't introduce her. I didn't say anything," Sheeran said of Crowe's slip-up. "I think he just assumed. But no, we're not engaged."

Still, Sheeran has made it clear that he's serious about his longtime love. In February, when asked about potentially marrying Seaborn during his appearance on KIIS FM's Kyle and Jackie O Show, he replied, "I feel pretty good about it."

He also shared that he wouldn't be opposed to having children someday.

"Yeah, potentially," he said. "I would like some kids."

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ET spoke to the "Shape of You" singer in March, when he admitted that his girlfriend also keeps him grounded. Sheeran shared that the fact that he and 25-year-old Seaborn have known each other since he was 11 years old helps him keep a healthy perspective on life as he gains more fame and success.

"I think it's cool," he said. "You don't get away with a lot, because she can call you out on anything."

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