Sarah Silverman Opens Up to Ex Jimmy Kimmel About Her Long-Distance Relationship with Michael Sheen

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Sarah Silverman
sat down with Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday, where the friendly former flames dished on the comedian's relationship with her current boyfriend, actor Michael Sheen.

According to Silverman, their relationship recently became long-distance when the Masters of Sex star returned to live in the U.K. after spending years living in Los Angeles to be close to his daughter, Lily, whom he shares with his ex, actress Kate Beckinsale.

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"His daughter turned 18 and he wanted to go home," Silverman shared. "He was here to be with his nearest daughter, now she's off, she's gonna start her own life…"

Silverman explained that the Welsh actor was also motivated to return to the U.K. so that he could be involved in the politics affecting his homeland.

"You know how I'm like, kind of politically active? Well he wants to be [too], and he needs to be home to do that, so he's there a lot," she said. "And then we just long for each other and we see each other and we love each other."

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"I call him my on-again, off-again lover because we're apart by oceans. Or, well, one ocean," Silverman added. "You know me, I'm a loner, so it's OK."

Silverman and Sheen began dating in 2014, five years after her long-term relationship with Kimmel came to an end.

Kimmel went on to marry comedy writer Molly McNearney in August 2012. The couple welcomed their first child, daughter Jane, in July 2014, and recently welcomed their second child, son William, in April.

Silverman wished her ex congratulations on the new addition to his family, joking that since Kimmel has married and had two kids since they broke up, "I guess it really is over [between us]."

Despite the distance between them, it seems clear that Sheen is as loving and supportive as ever -- especially when the comic was struggling with a life-threatening case of epiglottitis that landed her in the Intensive Care Unit at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles last June.

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"He was there by my side the whole time," Silverman recalled. "He would shoot Masters of Sex and then just sleep in a chair next to me."

For more on Silverman's frightening hospitalization and the surgery that saved her life, check out the video below.