Mark Wahlberg Dishes on Daddy-Daughter Dances & Coaching His Sons' Football Teams: 'It's a Very Special Thing'

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Mark Wahlberg loves spending time with his four children.

The 46-year-old actor stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday, where he gushed about attending daddy-daughter dances and coaching his sons' football teams.

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Wahlberg's oldest daughter Ella, 13, is going to be attending an all-girls high school next year, which he said he's "OK with."

"She's going into high school and she actually got into both schools that she applied," the Transformers: The Last Knight star shared. "But she wanted to go to the all-girls school and my wife, at first, thought it was a bad idea, because my wife gets along with guys better than girls. She was like, girls get too catty and it's going to be troublesome."

"But then we realized, you know what, let's pick our poison," Wahlberg continued. "Let's put her in an all-girls school and we have at least a couple more years we can kind of protect her. It's a nice, little, safe environment. So yes, I'm happy about that."

The actor also dished on attending school dances with Ella and his 7-year-old daughter Grace. "We go every year, but this was our last year for me with both my girls because she's graduating," Wahlberg mentioned.

"We did wanna choreograph a couple moves, but they weren't into it," he said, adding, "I'm kidding, by the way. They just go and hang out with their friends and we get a picture. But I think if my oldest daughter, she won't be there next year, I think my youngest daughter will then dance with me again. So she won't have to worry about being embarrassed. It is a very special thing though."

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Aside from Ella and Grace, the movie star also has two boys, Michael, 11, and Brendan, 8, who share his love of football. His eldest son played tackle football for the first time last season and this year both will get to have some fun on the field.

"They're gonna both play flag [football] this season and play tackle this year," Wahlberg told DeGeneres. "But I am now officially the assistant coach in the football league."

"Oh no, that's not gonna be good for anybody," DeGeneres joked. "I can see that you would get very worked up."

"My wife had the same reaction," Wahlberg chimed back.

The Patriots Day star also joked about how Brendan has his football genes and gets upset when the New England Patriots lose. "We were only down a touchdown and he started dropping F-bombs like it was no big deal," Wahlberg recalled of this year's Super Bowl. "I knew it was gonna be bad."

For more on Wahlberg and his adorable kids, watch below.

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