That Moment When...the Feeling Is Audible


You know those pivotal moments in every story when something unexpected happens? A moment that makes you gasp? Makes you cry? Gives you goosebumps? They usually occur around a plot twist: when a hero emerges, a secret is revealed, or Mr. Wrong suddenly becomes Mr. Right.

When delivered by a powerful voice inside your ear, that flood of emotions is even more intimate, more deeply felt. That's what makes Audible books so engaging, so immersive, so thrilling.

Hear us out. We've selected some of the most powerful moments and perfect deliveries from our favorite stories (warning: spoiler alert!) so you can feel it for yourself.

From the first minute, George R. R. Martin's epic novel immediately immerses the listener into a dark fantasy world, full of intrigue and power politics. Narrator Roy Dotrice brings to life a vast range of characters. We can't stop but listen to the shock, delight and rage in equal measures.

That moment when the last Direwolf pup is found

That moment when Bran sees something he shouldn't

That moment when Joffrey breaks his promise to Sansa

Neil Gaiman's instant classic, American Gods, is one of the most mesmerizing audio experiences ever. A full cast of performers renders each larger-than-life character in perfect detail, and ensures we feel every triumph and tragedy in this all-consuming story.

That moment when Audrey spits on Laura's face

That moment when Shadow finds his dead wife "alive" in his hotel room

That moment when Shadow discovers what happened to all the missing kids

Narrator Davina Porter is pitch-perfect in her narration of this New York Times bestseller, which is a charming cross between Historical Fiction and Romance. Through her voice, we feel all the passion and the tension between a World War II nurse and her 18th century Scottish Highlander lover.

That moment when Claire meets Jack Randall

That moment when Claire has to decide whether to stay or go

That moment when Claire learns what Jack did to Jamie

When you lend your ear to the dialogue in Liane Moriarty's new novel, you can’t help but become intertwined with the characters and their heightened storylines. Gasps and goosebumps are the unavoidable and appropriate response for this hair-raising performance.

That moment when battle lines are drawn… with Disney-on-Ice

That moment when Abigail's secret project is revealed

That moment when Perry's mood shifts

Want to feel more? Listen to these incredible, best-of Audible moments in this video: