Jenny Mollen Shares Nude Selfie to Reveal She Has Placenta Previa -- See t he Pic

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Jenny Mollen is baring it all to reveal she has placenta ​previa, 22 weeks into her pregnancy.

The 38-year-old actress, who is expecting baby No. 2 with husband Jason Biggs, took to Instagram on Thursday to share a nude selfie and comically update her fans on her growing baby bump.

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"Wanna make out and talk about my placenta previa?" Mollen captioned the pic alongside the hashtag "​#22weeks.​"​

Placenta previa is when in the placenta completely covers the mother's cervix, which can cause bleeding without pain during the second half of pregnancy. Tori Spelling and Kim Kardashian are among the celebs that have previously had issues with their placenta during their pregnancies.

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Mollen and Biggs, who are also parents to 3-year-old son​ Sid, announced in April that they were expanding their family with a hilarious photo showing how "babies are made."

"Jason is thrilled," Mollen told ET at the time. "Sid understands that there is something in my stomach but he is growing increasingly more and more frustrated that he cannot see its face."

"We don't know the gender yet. I'm hoping it's a poodle," she joked. "[The baby is] due beginning of October."

See more of the couple in the video below.