EXCLUSIVE: Heidi and Spencer Pratt 'Not Ready' for 1st Son's Arrival, But They're Already Talking Baby No. 2!

The 'Hills' couple tell ET what kind of parents they plan to be and plot a reality TV return -- as a family!

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt might have a baby on the way -- but that doesn’t mean they’re ready to be parents quite yet.

“Definitely in way over my head here,” Spencer tells ET. “I’m glad Heidi’s pretending that she’s not!”

“We've been moving so much, and I haven't had the chance to even do the nursery,” Heidi, who's six months along, admits. “I have no idea what I need, and the baby registry and the baby shower... so, I definitely need the next few months to prepare.”

The couple recently relocated to Los Angeles after spending the last few years living in Santa Barbara, California. As they get settled, Heidi says she’s been thinking about what kind of parents she and Spencer will be.

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“We're gonna be very loving parents,” she shares. “Very strict, too. I wanna have a lot of boundaries with our kids.”

“She was saying last night at dinner with my parents that our child is not going to be out at a restaurant with an iPad and headphones, and I was like, you're right!” Spencer chimes in. “They're gonna have virtual reality at that point. So, we're in agreement.”

“No,” Heidi says, with a sigh. “We need to talk about these things.”

Well, they do talk through some of those things on the next episode of Bachelorette star Kaitlyn Bristowe’s podcast, Off the Vine. Only ET was invited into the PodcastOne studios as the group of reality TV rule breakers dished the dirt. Spencer teases he learned some of his wife’s rules for their child while recording.

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“[I learned] that no pink’s allowed in our son’s baby room!” he recalls. “That was, like… I love the color pink. So, that kind of threw me off.”

“We’ll wait for a girl for that,” Heidi replies, with a laugh. She says, yes, she’s already thinking about baby No. 2.

“You know, it took me a lot of years to convince Spencer to have baby No. 1,” she says. “So, I’m just trying to put it out there. It’s not anytime soon, but you gotta work on these things is what I’ve learned.”

“This is new,” Spencer admits, rubbing his temples as he takes in everything Heidi’s saying.

The couple also tries to convince Kaitlyn it’s time for her and fiance Shawn Booth to get pregnant, too.

“We definitely think her and Shawn B. should have a baby ASAP,” Spencer says. “We can visit them in Nashville and Kristin Cavallari!”

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When ET chatted with Heidi’s former The Hills co-star, Kristin, in April, she revealed the unexpected first mommy-related question Heidi asked her: what to name the baby! 

“We were having a conversation about several things,” Heidi clarifies. “One of the things I said was, 'You have any extra baby names?' because she has such good names, so I didn't know if she had any left over.”

“We still do need a baby name,” Spencer adds.

Yes, Speidi is taking suggestions for what to name their new addition -- and thinking about a return to reality TV, as a family.

“I think that'd be fun and interesting,” Heidi says. “I think we're about to be in the next chapter of our lives and we don't know where that's gonna be, and it'd be very entertaining to see that.”

“Sounds scary,” Spencer chimes in. “Sounds very scary.”

Check out Heidi and Spencer’s episode of Kaitlyn Bristowe’s Off the Vine when it drops on PodcastOne on Tuesday. For more about the couple’s pregnancy, check out the video below.