EXCLUSIVE: Jennie Garth Says a '90210' Reboot With Original Cast 'Would Be Amazing,' Talks Charity Project

Michael Simon

Jennie Garth’s charitable efforts expand through many zip codes.

The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum, who recently teamed up with Vitafusion’s Fruit Tree Project, planted trees in the Bronx neighborhood of New York City last week and opened up to ET about the initiative and why she wanted to get involved.

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“Partnering together to plant these trees in underserved communities across the U.S. and elsewhere is the greatest thing. There’s no catch to it, it’s a win-win for everybody,” she said of the partnership of Vitafusion and the Fruit Tree Plantation Foundation to plant over 10,000 trees in 2017.

“That’s going to make over a million pieces of fresh fruit for people that wouldn’t have the ability to have that,” Garth added.

Garth, who played Kelly Taylor on the beloved ‘90s drama Beverly Hills, 90210, told us what she thinks of hit TV shows like Full House, Rosanne, Will & Grace and more from that era returning to the small screen with their original cast members.

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“I love it,” she gushed. “People our age and older, and even young people, they love a reboot.”

But what about reprising her role with her fan-favorite group of friends?

“I love all my old castmates, working with them again would be amazing,” Garth said. “What a great thing to do. It would just have to be the right coming together of all the minds that need to come together.”

Even though the series has been off the air for 17 years, it hasn’t stopped her from staying in touch with her co-stars.

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“Tori and I are still good friends, our kids are friendly and we still love a good laugh at each other. We run into each other all the time,” Garth said of pal Tori Spelling.

The feeling is clearly mutual -- Spelling just shared a sweet shout-out to Garth on Instagram in honor of National Best Friends Day.

“Someone who has seen you thru your bad years ( teens, boyfriends, and hair) and your good years ( marriage, motherhood, and middle age(?)) and still loves you... that person is truly your best friend. I love you @jenniegarth You make me strong, and I make you soft. Best friends complete each other... #nationalbestfriendday,”Spelling wrote alongside a flashback pic of the pair.

Garth told ET that when it comes to swapping advice on motherhood, she’s always felt like Spelling could count on her.

“She thinks that I am this amazing mom and she’s always looked up to me and I think that’s really great because she’s like my little sister separated by like a year, I think,” Garth joked.
“I have always been very nurturing towards her and always giving her advice even when she didn’t ask for it.”

Garth is a mom of three daughters with ex-husband Peter Facinelli and the 45-year-old actress said the two are in a “better place” now, more than ever.

“We are both at peace with it now in a way that we have never been before. That makes everything so much easier. We tried our best in the beginning to make it like that, but it was very forced and it wasn’t natural, but now it feels like we’re both very happy for each other. We both know that we need each other to continue to raise these girls,” Garth shared.

“We’re just really happy to be where we are right now,” she noted of co-parenting. “I think it’s better than now than it ever has been.”

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