Amy Poehler and Jimmy Fallon Compete With the Help of Young Girls in 'Are You Smarter Than a Smart Girl?'


Everyone can use some “smart girl” help! Jimmy Fallon and Amy Poehler went head-to-head in the trivia game, “Are You Smarter Than a Smart Girl?” on The Tonight Show on Tuesday night.

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Two young girls from Poehler’s organization, Smart Girls, teamed up with the Saturday Night Live alums to give them assistance in answering the questions.

Before sharing their trivia knowledge, Poehler’s partner, Anaya, showed off her handmade duct tape purse, and Fallon’s partner, Maya, rapped some lyrics from Hamilton.

But then it was down to business, where Poehler and Fallon quickly proved they needed their young partners’ assistance.

The House
actress, 45, flunked math before Fallon blew grammar. Later in the show, Poehler opened up about her new comedy, which co-stars Will Ferrell, in which she creates a casino in her own house.

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But in real life, Poehler isn’t a big fan of gambling, which she recently tried in Las Vegas.

“I would much rather have a beautiful piece of steak and go see Britney [Spears],” she quipped.

For more of Fallon’s games, watch the clip below!