Jamie Foxx Recalls Meeting Kanye for the First Time, Does Hilarious Impression - Watch!

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The 49-year-old actor made an appearance on Friday's episode of 'The Graham Norton Show.'

Jamie Foxx and Kanye West go way back.

During Friday's episode of The Graham Norton Show, the 49-year-old actor recalled the first time he met the rapper and hilariously did a Kanye impersonation.

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Foxx began by sharing how he would always throw parties at his house and one day "this kid walks in with a backpack on, and his jaw busted" -- it was Kanye. After finding out that Kanye was a rapper, the Oscar winner asked him to freestyle for him and was impressed by his talent.

"Wow, boy. You're gonna be famous," Foxx recalled.

"Then he said to me, 'I have this song that, that I think you will be great on if we could go to the studio and do the song'" the actor said in his best Yeezy impression, which made Norton and the rest of the guest stars laugh.

From there, the two went into Foxx's home studio and worked on the track "Slow Jamz," the 2004 song featured on Kanye's album College Dropout. Foxx initially sang the song in his own R&B style, which Kanye didn't seem to like and told him to "Just sing it simple, because it’s hip-hop."

Foxx shared how he "sung it begrudgingly, thinking this song is whack" but then later found out it turned out to be a hit. The two went on to collaborate again on the 2005 GRAMMY-winning single "Gold Digger."

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During his appearance, the Baby Driver star also chatted about the hardships of dating as he gets older.

"It’s tough out there. I am getting older but people think I am younger," he said. "I was at a club the other night and a group of girls shouted my name. I was like, ‘Hey, what’s up?' and they said, ‘We go to school with your daughter!’ You have to be so careful."

Watch more of his appearance on the show, in the video below.