Hilary Duff Says Her Son Luca Knows Her 'Real Name,' Shares Cute Video of Ex Mike Comrie


Hilary Duff has her hands full with her 5-year-old son, Luca! The Younger star, 29, visited Late Night on Wednesday, where she opened up to host, Seth Meyers, about her little boy.

“He’s starting to figure out more and more,” she said, when asked if her son knows what she does for a living. “He’s very funny. He’s seen me on the cover of magazines in the grocery store. I really think he just thinks the next day Shane’s mommy is going to be on the cover of a magazine.”

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But Luca has gotten a key piece of intel about his famous mom.

“I think some little rascal at school told him what my name is,” she said, noting that before she’d just been “mom.” “Luca didn’t know my name, and then he said to me, ‘I know your name.’ And I said, ‘I know.’ And he [shakes head] said, ‘I know your name.’ And I was like, ‘Ok.’ And he was like, ‘Hilary Duff.’”

So how did the little cutie celebrate the Season 4 premiere of his mom’s series, Younger? Duff shared an adorable video to Instagram of the kiddo tuckered out in the back seat of the car while her ex-husband, Mike Comrie, played around with the Younger Snapchat filter.

“Well it seems everyone is on board with the @youngertv snap chat filter!!! M pulled the car over to get luca in on the fun. Poor guy wasn't even awake. Lol,” she captioned the sweet video.

But Luca isn’t as impressed by his mom’s work as he is with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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“There’s about nine manhole covers on every city block in New York and he wants to stop at every one of them,” Duff told Meyers. “He thinks that like Leonardo and Master Splinter are down there concocting master plans to save the city. He wants to look in the tiny little holes. I’m really not that germy weird mom that’s like ‘Let’s Purell you up from head to toe.’ But like there’s dog urine, probably human urine. Don’t touch the ground!”

For more from Duff, watch the clip below!

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