Rose Byrne Opens Up About Low-Key Celebrity Life & Working With Partner Bobby Cannavale: 'I Feel Really Lucky'

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It isn't just coincidence that Rose Byrne and Bobby Cannavale have worked together so much.

In a new interview with Instyle, the 37-year-old actress opens up about collaborating with her partner of five years, and how they've managed to co-star in three different films: 2014's Annie and Adult Beginners, and 2015's Spy.

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"[It's] a little bit [intention and coincidence]. A happy coincidence in some ways, and also, 'Let’s really try to get these parts so we can be together and working,'" Byrne revealed. "We did, like, three projects in a row, and I enjoy collaborating with him."

The usually-private actress also opened up about what she loves most about her boyfriend, with whom she shares a 1-year-old son, Rocco.

"He is one of a kind, man! He’s endlessly interesting and entertaining," she gushed. "When something is special, it’s hard to articulate it, but I feel really lucky. We couldn’t be from more different parts of the world, you know?"

As for her low-key celebrity life, she said starting a family with Cannavale has made it increasingly more difficult.

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"The fascination with pregnant women [surprised me most about being a celebrity]," she shared. "After I had Rocco, the paparazzi came and sought me out. I never had that before. There’s a whole industry, literally, based on people having children. I guess because you’re changing, putting on weight. It makes me very uncomfortable. I didn’t enjoy that much at all."

But while Rocco has made avoiding the papparazzi more difficult, Byre said he's made it easier to forget about aging.

"I haven't thought about [turning 38]," she confessed. "The good thing about having a kid is you don’t think about that as much. Like when I turned 30, for instance, that was much more momentous. Forty is particularly great for a woman. It’s a big thing."

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