EXCLUSIVE: Kit Harington Reflects on Sharing 'Game of Thrones' Legacy With Rose Leslie: 'I'm Very Privileged'

'Game of Thrones' will premiere Season 7 this Sunday.

Kit Harington owes a lot to Game of Thrones. Not only did the HBO fantasy series give him his start as an actor, but it also introduced him to his current girlfriend, Rose Leslie.

The pair met on the set of the show while playing lovers (she played the now-deceased Ygritte), and sparked a real-life romance.

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“I think that's the really special thing about it is that we met on this show and here we are seven years down the line back here promoting season seven,” Harington told ET’s Carly Steel at Wednesday night’s premiere. “I mean it's mad. It's such a special thing. I'm so privileged.”

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And after it was revealed that Jon Snow wasn’t the biological son of Ned Stark, fans are predicting that he might actually be related to the Mother of Dragons herself, Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke).

ET noted that Thrones hasn’t shied away from incest in the past, but Harington doesn’t think Jon Snow will go down that path.

“Out of all the people in Thrones, Jon, of all people, is probably the least up for incest. But we don't know whether they're related.”

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As Harington prepares to film the final season of the hit series, there’s one particular item he won’t miss.

“Yeah my costume at the moment weighs about 20 kg,” he said. “I'm not kidding. It's like two layers of armor, it just gets heavier the more regal you get. So I'm lugging around a lot, so I'm looking forward to getting rid of most of it.”

For more from the Game of Thrones premiere, watch the clip below!

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