Justin Timberlake Rushes to Help Woman After She's Hit by a Golf Ball

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He is one of the good guys!

Justin Timberlake is one of the good guys!

While competing in the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship on Wednesday, the 36-year-old singer sprang into action when a woman watching the event was struck by a golf ball. In a video obtained by The Sacramento Bee, Timberlake is seen immediately rushing to the woman's aid and consoling her.

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"It looks like we hit a spectator right up close here. This is the difficulty of playing with amateurs,” the video’s narrator quips, calling out the fact that the "Can't Stop the Feeling" musician is also playing with ex-NFL star Tony Romo. "The golfer has come over to attend to him, and here’s Timberlake coming over as well."

Timberlake was even able to get a laugh out of the injured fan. "I think J.T. is in here consoling the person that was struck. I see smiles, so hopefully it’s not too bad here,” the narrator continued commentating. “Justin didn’t strike the ball, but seems to be doing the most talking there, gives the girl a high-five."

The singer then walked over to his golf partner and joked, "What’d you do Richard? Richard, get over here.”

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This is Timberlake's third time competing in this tournament. Last year, while competing on Steph Curry and Alfonso Ribeiro's team, the GRAMMY winner was slapped in the face by an attendee, who was later arrested. However, that didn't stop Timberlake from having a great time!

Check him out doing the "Carlton Dance" with his Fresh Prince of Bel-Air alum teammate: