EXCLUSIVE: Dean Unglert Still in 'Shock' Over 'Bachelorette' Exit, Opens Up About Estrangement From His Father

The reality star tells ET that watching back his hometown date was 'interesting.'

Dean Unglert is still in "pure shock" over what happened on Monday's episode of The Bachelorette.

Following his heartbreaking elimination from Rachel Lindsay's season of the popular dating show, the reality star stopped by ET's Los Angeles studio for a Facebook Live interview, where he gave us the rundown on what was going through his mind as the brunette beauty gave him the boot.

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"Every rose ceremony up to that point I was like, 'Yeah, I could see myself going home,'" he told ET's Lauren Zima. "But then going into that one I was like, 'There's no way I'm gonna go home.' That was the most confident rose ceremony that I was going into, and that was the one I ultimately got sent home at."


"I think [Rachel] made a good point," he explained. "She said we're at different times in our lives."

"We text back and forth every once in a while," he added. "I mean, I'm excited to focus more on our friendship right now, more than a romantic relationship with her. I think she's an awesome girl, so we have no bad blood whatsoever."

The elimination was extra shocking to fans who couldn't stop talking about Unglert's roller coaster ride of an episode on social media. Just moments before we saw Unglert say his final goodbye to Lindsay, we saw him in another emotional state, having a serious conversation about his father as the 32-year-old attorney visited him in his hometown of Aspen, Colorado.

As fans may recall, Unglert explained that after his mother died when he was only 15 years old, his dad converted to Sikh and moved on with another woman. At the time the hometown date was filmed, Unglert had not spoken to his dad in two years.

"It's weird to talk about because it was such a raw moment and seeing it played back is always interesting," Unglert explained, confirming to ET that he has not spoken to his father since that episode. "He reached out to all my siblings via text in a group chat saying the episode was on [last night], but there was no correspondence between the two of us."

Though Unglert says he thinks he and his dad "have quite a bit of maturing to do" before they can have a "solid relationship," he credits The Bachelorette for giving him the courage to open up about their estranged relationship.

"It allowed me to have a conversation with my father that I probably wouldn't have had the courage to have on my own, so I appreciate everything that the show allowed me to do in terms of saying what I need to say," he said. "Him obviously being able to say what he needs to say, too. It was definitely a cathartic experience for sure."

"I don't need [my father] to apologize for the passing of my mother or anything like that, but I felt like obviously my memory [of that time] is the way that I remember everything happening," Unglert added. "So whether it's a version of the truth or the absolute truth, if his son feels that way, I wish I could hear him say the words, 'I'm sorry,' which I don't think he's ever said. It would've been nice to hear that."

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Despite leaving the show brokenhearted, Unglert has a lot to look forward to as ABC announced on Tuesday that he's officially heading to season four of Bachelor in Paradise.

More on that in the video below!