Emma Watson Asks Fans to Help Find Her Most 'Special Possession' -- Have You Seen This Ring?

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Emma Watson is hoping her star power will help locate one beloved piece of jewelry.

The Harry Potter star appears to have lost a set of rings over the weekend, but is most concerned about one in particular. "Reward for information leading to the return of rings lost [Sunday, July 16,] at Mandarin Oriental Spa, London," Watson posted to Facebook on Tuesday, explaining that she got a massage at the Hyde Park establishment and left her three rings in a safe in her locker.

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"When I got home, I realized the rings were not on my hands and I called the spa, but at this time, the spa was closed," she recalled. "Security checked the safe and said there was nothing in it, but that the spa would be open again in the morning and they could speak to them then and see if they had them or if anyone had handed them in. As of now they are missing."

Watson went on to reveal why one of the rings means so much to her. "Were these just any rings, I could accept this, but one of the them was a gift from my mum," she wrote. "She bought it the day after I was born and wore it for 18 years, never taking it off, and then gave it to me for my 18th birthday. I wear this ring everyday, it is my most meaningful and special possession."

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The 27-year-old actress then pleads with fans who might know anything regarding the whereabouts of her accessories. "If anyone was at the Mandarin Oriental Spa on Sunday from 3 p.m. onwards and saw the rings -- or accidentally picked them up or knows anything about them -- I cannot express how much it would mean if they came back to me -- no questions asked," she insisted. "If you have seen them or have any information, please email findthering@outlook.com."

While Watson is issuing a fan search party, her Circle co-star, Tom Hanks, helped one girl find an very important item back in October 2015. The 61-year-old actor found a Fordham University student ID in a park and returned the card to its owner. "I got my old ID back with a little note from him that said make sure I hold on to this, and his signature," the student, Lauren, told ET. "I'm so thankful that he was kind enough to pay it forward to me, and I will 100 percent do the same for anyone else."

Here's how Hanks was able to get the ID safely back to Lauren:

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