EXCLUSIVE: Aaron Carter Talks Future With Girlfriend Madison Parker: Marriage, Kids and Maybe a Reality Show

The 29-year-old singer and his girlfriend opened up to ET about finding love and where they see their relationship going in the coming years.

Aaron Carter
is getting candid about his love for girlfriend Madison Parker.

The singer has had a difficult week, following his high-profile arrest over the weekend, his heated exchange with his older brother, Nick, and a series of Twitter rants slamming critics who have accused him of abusing drugs. But through it all, Parker has been by his side.

Speaking with ET's Jennifer Peros on Monday, Carter admitted that he's got his eye on starting a family, and he wants to "live life and be happy" alongside his lady love.

"I wanna be married. I wanna be engaged to my beautiful girlfriend, Madison," the 29-year-old singer shared of his plans for the coming years."I wanna be a good father, a good role model, a strong role model."

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Parker, who joined Carter during his sit-down with ET, revealed that the pair first met on Instagram.

"She's a professional photographer and she wanted to do a shoot with me and I thought she was beautiful, so we FaceTimed for three days," Carter recalled. "When I got home to LA… I took her off to Moonshadows and I took her out to dinner."

"I wanted to shoot him for a magazine because I was like, 'Everyone wants to know what Aaron Carter's been up to.' And so then that's how we initially met," Parker added. "And I told him, 'You're one of the only guys that courted me.'… He's not one of those typical L.A. guys that says, 'Oh, let's go grab a drink."

For Parker, the first thing that attracted her to Carter was "how sweet he was."

"I instantly saw that he had the biggest heart ever," she said. "That's what a lot of people don't understand or don't care to understand or take the time to understand."

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And Parker isn’t alone in her appreciation for the "Sooner or Later" singer -- apparently, her family are all fans as well.

"My parents love him and my brother loves him," she shared. "He always has a good attitude."

For Carter, the feeling is mutual. The young singer admitted that being with Parker and her family is "the only place I feel at home."

Looking toward their future, the couple say they could "absolutely" see themselves participating in a reality show documenting their lives, but they don't have anything in the works at this time.

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"We've had a couple offers so far," Carter said. However, one of the things keeping them from signing on is Parker's apprehension.

"I get a little nervous," she said. "This is not my life, you know? I'm not used to it."

Parker also said that she feels wary of reality TV after seeing the effect it's had on other celebrity families -- including Carter's own tumultuous family series, House of Carters -- but she hopes to "do things differently" and "empower my family to spread love."

When it comes to where she sees her life with Carter in the future, Parker didn't hesitate: "With babies."

"Yeah we're going to have lots of babies. I want daughters," Carter added.

"And I want boys," Parker replied.

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While the pop singer claims that he's a "momma's boy" at heart, he had some fun with the idea of a son following in his musical footsteps.

"I'm going to teach him how to beat Shaq," he said with a laugh, referencing one of his earliest singles. "But I definitely won't let him have an 'Aaron's Party,' let me tell you, and he will not be getting any 'Candy.' Only on Halloween."

Carter has been very open about his own issues with childhood fame, and said that he's going to allow his kids to make up their own minds about being in show business.

"It's up to them. If they want to do it they can," Carter said, adding that he'll let them make the choice themselves, but "not when they're seven."

"When they're like, 16 and they're cognitive; they've been through school and they learned about life and boys and people, and I can teach them certain things and I can warn them about it and they can make the decision," he explained.

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On Saturday, Carter was arrested in Habersham County, Georgia, on charges of DUI refusal, possession of marijuana less than one ounce, and possession of drug related objects.

Parker was a passenger in the vehicle and was arrested alongside Carter for obstruction of law enforcement officers, as well as possession of marijuana less than one ounce, and possession of drug related objects.

Carter and Parker were released on bail the following day, and the singer continued to perform at his previously scheduled concerts, bringing Parker along with him on his tour.

Despite their challenging run-in with the law and Carter's public feud with his brother, the singer said he's "in a very good place."

"If I wasn't in a good place, I wouldn't be able to show up to all these shows," he added.

For more of Carter and Parker's revealing, in-depth conversation with ET about the details surrounding his arrest, check out the video below.