John Boyega Joins the Jaegers in New 'Pacific Rim: Uprising' Teaser

Getty Images

So, what exactly is a Jaeger?

Now you've got your answer. (Hint: It's you, times 1,000.) The innovative weaponry is the focal point of the new trailer for Pacific Rim: Uprising, the follow-up to Guillermo del Toro's 2013 sci-fi fantasy.

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In the recruitment-style clip, released Thursday during Comic-Con, viewers can catch star John Boyega in all his Jake Pentecost glory, along with a closer look at those sleek, death-defying Jaeger-bots aka "the pinnacle of human invention."

With a plot that takes place a few years after the original, the Pacific Rim sequel surrounds the Jaeger technology after the kaiju monsters were defeated.

hits theaters Feb. 23, 2018. For more on Boyega's role in the film, watch the video below.