Charlize Theron Shows Off Her Hilarious Dance Moves in Battle Against Jimmy Fallon: Watch!


This Atomic Blonde’s got some crazy moves! Charlize Theron visited The Tonight Show on Thursday, where she participated in a “Dance Battle,” jamming out to ‘80s music from her new action flick’s soundtrack.

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She was first given the task of the dance move “Slap the Giraffe,” which she managed to do in style. Clad in all-black and heels, Theron reached in the air to slap an imaginary giraffe, which prompted host Jimmy Fallon to ask, “How do you make that look cool?”

The 41-year-old Oscar winner also proved she could combine athletics and dance when she did “The Tennis Pro,” smacking the imaginary ball across the court while breaking it down on the dance floor.

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Fallon desperately searched for his missing phone on the dance floor in an awkward move before teaming up with Theron for the “Double Kayak.” Watch the clip to see the funny moves!

Chris Hemsworth recently dished that he thinks Theron should play the next James Bond. Watch the clip below to see her reaction!