Ron Goldman's Family Reacts to OJ Simpson Being Granted Parole: 'It Was Very Disappointing'

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Ron Goldman's father and sister, Kim and Fred Goldman, admit that were taken aback by O.J. Simpson's behavior during his parole hearing on Thursday.

The Goldmans appeared on Good Morning America on Friday, and reacted to the parole board in Lovelock, Nevada, granting the former NFL pro's parole. "It was shocking," Kim Goldman said of Simpson's pending release from prison after being locked up for a 2007 botched robbery. "I think I expected that [Simpson] was going to come in with a script -- 'I did these crimes, I'm so sorry, I'm remorseful, I know that there was a gun in the room.'"

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"I thought he was going to follow what I thought was going to be a very strategic plan for the day and then he went off-script," she added. "He became exactly who he normally is, and I started to panic a little and obviously like everybody else we watched them unanimously willing to release him and it was very disappointing."

Kim Goldman also felt the parole board was somewhat lenient on Simpson, 70. "I wish that the parole board would have ...pressured him a bit more, and asked him what life is going to be like and what he learned," she said. "Was he rehabilitated?"

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In 1995, Simpson was found not guilty in the murders of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson, Simpson's ex-wife. In 1997, however, Simpson was found guilty for their deaths in a civil trial, and was ordered to pay over $33 million to the families of the victims.

Nobody has ever been convicted for the murders of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson, and Fred Goldman told GMA ahead of Simpson's parole hearing that his family will probably "never get the justice" they so desire. "Ron never gets to spend his life doing what he wanted to do," he said, tearing up. "We'll never get to share his life, and the killer will walk free and get to do whatever he wants."

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Meanwhile, ET spoke to Kato Kaelin -- who rose fame as a witness for the prosecution in Simpson's 1995 murder trial -- reacted to news of Simpson being granted parole much like the Goldman family did. "Watching it, I think the biggest shock was that he didn't seem to have the compassion," he noted. "I didn't see the compassion from him. I thought he seemed to be the same O.J. -- just tried and true charisma."

Here's more of our interview with Kaelin:

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