EXCLUSIVE: Anna Faris Dishes on Son Jack's First Red Carpet: 'He Loves Attention Just Like Mommy'

Faris brought her adorable son to the L.A. premiere of 'The Emoji Movie' on Sunday.

Stardom definitely runs in this family.

Anna Faris brought her and husband Chris Pratt's 4-year-old son, Jack, to his first red carpet event on Sunday, walking with him at The Emoji Movie's Los Angeles premiere.

Flashing a peace sign and a thumbs up, Jack looks to be a natural star, just like his parents.

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"I guess he loves attention just like mommy," Faris told ET's Carly Steel. "But it does feel like, 'Am I doing the right thing as a parent?'"

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The star also admitted that even though her son was having fun, "it's also terrifying to bring your kid to such a public event."

But Jack was all smiles at the premiere for the animated movie, in which Faris plays an emoji named Jailbreak.

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So, for a movie all about texting, what's the one she most frequently uses with her hubby, Pratt? "Probably like, the 'haha' one which is so, it's a little innocuous." But she's not a natural with the art of emojis, adding, "I think, god, I know it's like this way of communicating that I'm like, slowly coming into being adjusted to."

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Faris also admitted that she favors some of the wilder options on her phone.

"I like the gnarly ones like, sort of the daggers, the sword, the syringe."

The Emoji Movie
is in theaters July 28.

For more on this cute family, check out the video below.