Nicolas Cage Rocks Traditional Kazakhstani Garments, Internet Hilariously Loses Its Mind


You can always count on Nicolas Cage to inadvertently bring some light into your day.

The Oscar winner headed to the 13th Annual Eurasia International Festival in Kazakhstan on Sunday, where he posed for photos with the nation's first lady, Sara Nazarbayeva.

The 53-year-old star
-- who's currently rocking an impressive beard -- donned some traditional Kazakhstani garments -- including a fur-lined black robe with gold adornments and a very plush, brown fur hat -- and fans online absolutely freaked out over how amazingly surreal the moment truly was.

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Cage has always delivered larger-than-life performances in films that see him doing insane things -- like stealing the U.S. Constitution in National Treasure, or investigating a magical island full of murderous witches in The Wicker Man, or kidnapping the President of the United States to prove his ancestor didn't kill Abraham Lincoln in National Treasure: Book of Secrets.

So, it's no surprise that many of the Cage in Kazakhstan memes joked about how the whole thing was just the plot of his next movie.

"Nicolas Cage is in Kazakhstan, he's trying not to look suspicious as he plans to steal their constitution," one twitter user wrote.

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Another user joked, "I'm really excited to see #NicolasCage starring in the new Yakov Smirnoff biopic."

Other speculative movie plots actually sounded like they could make for a legitimately entertaining film.

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Many fans couldn't get over how crestfallen Cage looked as he stood side-by-side with the foreign dignitary.

"Sometimes I'm confident, feeling good, content with my life, sometimes I'm Nicolas Cage in Kazakhstan," on fan commented.

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Check out the tweets below for some of the funniest (and a few of the saddest) takes on Cage's unexpected Kazakhstani vacation.

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