Kristen Stewart Crashes Wedding With Girlfriend Stella Maxwell, Dances and Mingles With Guests

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The actress and model surprised two brides in Winnipeg, Canada, over the weekend.

Kristen Stewart and her girlfriend, Stella Maxwell, surprised two brides over the weekend in Winnipeg, Canada.

Kirsten and Kayleigh Jennings had just tied the knot and were celebrating with guests at Pizzeria Gusto when the establishment's owner came up to them and asked if there was room for two more at the party. Stewart had been shooting a movie in Winnipeg and the owner of Pizzeria Gusto had recently helped her out at an event.

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"The owner came up to me, and he said, 'Hey, is it OK if Kristen Stewart and her girlfriend Stella [Maxwell] come and have a few drinks with you guys?'" Kristen recalled to CBC News. "I was like, 'Yeah, totally! Yeah, no problem. Um, who is that?'

Kayleigh added that she and her new wife were careful not to fangirl over the actress and model. "I told Kir, 'Hey, let's just treat them as random guests. Let's just treat them with kindness -- southern hospitality. Winnipeg hospitality," she told the news agency. "We got to be formally introduced before they came in and partied with us. We got a chance to shake her hand and shake Stella's hand. I actually wasn't as star-struck as I thought I would be."

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While the brides admitted that it was odd to have two strangers hanging out with them on their big day, Stewart and Maxwell, both age 27, seemed to fit right in with the other wedding guests. "They looked just like two normal girls. They look a little Hollywood, but if we didn't know who they were, I don't know if I would have known," Kirsten noted. "We said 'Hey, you know. Come on and meet your guests and, you know, don't segregate yourselves. Come and party.'"

The couple took the newlywed's instructions to heart and drank, danced and even requested songs. The DJ at the wedding, Karli Colpitts, posted an Instagram photo of Stewart at the reception and made mention of her music preferences in the caption. "DJ'ed the MOST fun wedding for these incredible woman last night and had an unplanned guest show up to dance with us at the end of the night!" Colpitts wrote. "Apparently, Kristen Stewart loves Beastie Boys!"

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Stewart was having such a good time that she stayed for hours, according to one of the brides. "She was probably there [from] 10 p.m. to 1 a.m.," Kirsten said. "There were only a few people who were starstruck. My Aunt Linda was extremely excited."

Over the past few years, Stewart seems to have become more comfortable in her own skin and with the public, which is a far cry from when she was promoting the Twilight films. "People started really caring about the details of my life when I was pretty young," Stewart reminded ET while promoting her film, Personal Shopper, in March. "And since then, the media and our interaction with celebrity has changed enormously, even in that short time period. So I kind of have navigated it naturally and adapted."

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