Larry David and Bernie Sanders Are Related -- Find Out Their Surprising Connection

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After doing impressions of the politician on 'SNL,' the comic says he discovered they are actually genealogically related.

When Larry David played Bernie Sanders during a guest spot on Saturday Night Live back in October 2015, people were blown away by the Curb Your Enthusiasm star's spot-on impression of the former Democratic presidential candidate.

As it turns out, there might be more to their similarities than David's comedic talents -- David and Sanders are actually genealogically related.

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The 70-year-old comedian
recently participated in the PBS docuseries Finding Your Roots -- which researches celebrities' genealogical history and lineage to give them a deeper insight into their heritage -- and they revealed that he has family ties to the Vermont senator.

David addressed the surprising discovery during a panel discussion on the return of Curb Your Enthusiasm at the TV Critics Association press tour on Wednesday, when asked about the Finding Your Roots episode by a reporter who'd seen an advanced screener.

"I thought there must be some connection," David said. "I love Bernie."

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However, David couldn't elaborate on the reveal because he'd been instructed to keep details about the connection a secret by the network, and because he couldn't actually remember what their connection was.

The Seinfeld producer said he forgot the exact nature of their connection, but suggested that Sanders was possibly "like a third cousin or something."

David played Sanders in six different episodes through seasons 41 and 42 of SNL, and even appeared in a sketch acting alongside the 75-year-old politician when David hosted the show in February 2016.

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David isn't the only big star who SNL has tapped to play political figures over the last two years.

Alec Baldwin famously guest-starred
as President Donald Trump for nearly every episode of Season 42, and Melissa McCarthy blew people's minds when she made a surprise appearance as former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

Check out the video below for a look at McCarthy's acclaimed impression.

Curb Your Enthusiasm
returns to HBO, after a five-year hiatus, on Oct. 1.

Additional reporting by Philiana Ng.