Hugh Jackman's Abs Appear as Chiseled as Ever While Showering on the Beach

The 48-year-old actor still has his 'X-Men' abs.

Hugh Jackman is maintaining his X-Men abs.

The 48-year-old actor's impressive physique was on full display when he was spotted showering off after going for an early morning swim on Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia, this week.


Jackman isn't enjoying his native country's sun and surf alone, however. On Friday, he posted an adorable pic of himself and his wife of 21 years, Deborra-Lee Furness, with the sweet caption: "Me and my beach babe."

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While promoting Logan earlier this year, Jackman shared with Men's Health some of his tips and tricks to staying in shape -- and a few of them were a little bizarre. “I always keep a protein shake by my bed,” he revealed. “If I happen to wake up at night, I down it before I go back to sleep. It keeps the muscles repairing and the metabolism going.”

He also noted that he likes to channel his X-Men character while pumping iron. "My first five reps, I’m fine. But for rep eight, nine, 10, I think ‘Wolverine,'" Jackman quipped. "If I’m training on my own I scream -- people look at me. They think, ‘God, this guy!’”

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The action star's most important advice when getting in shape: patience. "I didn’t want to bulk up quickly. I wanted to do it slowly so I could look after my heart at the same time," he noted. "When you’re changing your body, it takes that sort of time to make permanent changes."

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