Sylvester Stallone Wishes Arnold Schwarzenegger a Happy 70th Birthday With Heartfelt Speech: See Their Sweet E

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Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger are true #friendshipgoals.

Stallone posted a portion of his speech to longtime pal (and sometimes rival) Arnold Schwarzenneger on Monday, in honor of the star's 70th birthday.

Holding the mic, Stallone compliments his friend, "You don't quit, you don't quit, and you still don't quit. It's boundless energy."

He also couldn't help but add in a little dig. "But, you've been a fantastic enemy and a better friend," he joked. "That's all I can say bro. Congratulations."

The two later hugged it out with big smiles.

One day earlier, 71-year-old Stallone shared a side by side pic on Instagram of the two stars at their buffest back in the day, adding the caption "Pre - HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARNOLD!!!! As long as you live and beyond, you're always going to be the "BIG MAN " who set the bar so high that it will never be surpassed, an action hero legend!"

Schwarzenegger and Stallone have co-starred in Escape Plan and The Expendables franchise, going head to head with their action skills.

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But off screen, they're supportive of each other. When Stallone lost out on the Oscar in 2016 for Creed, Schwarzenegger tweeted a message saying, "To me, you're the best, no matter what they say."

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Schwarzenegger had also tweeted a video supporting the star after his first-ever Golden Globe win earlier that year.

Backstage at the Golden Globes, Stallone told ET of their occasionally contentious friendship, "You know, he's become such a close friend. We were so adversarial. It was like Frazier/Ali, and he's become such a gentleman."

For more on his win and their epic friendship, watch the video below!