Halle Berry Sneakily Tricks Jimmy Fallon Several Times in 'Box of Lies,' Talks About Playing a Heroic Mom


Beauty and brains! Halle Berry appeared on Wednesday’s episode of The Tonight Show where she competed against host Jimmy Fallon in his popular game, “Box of Lies.”

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The 50-year-old actress got several silly displays to work with, including a birthday cake made out of CDs and a miniature dry cleaners model filled with plastic figurines.

She managed to trick Fallon not once but twice, which prompted him to declare, “That’s why she wins Academy Awards!”

Berry is next set to star in the terrifying thriller, Kidnap, in which she plays a mom whose son is taken right in front of her.

“When I read it, it took my breath away, being a mom of two. To see your child kidnapped right before your eyes -- close enough to see it but too far to do anything about it -- I couldn’t think of anything that would just stop my heart, stop my breath than that,” Berry told Fallon of the suspenseful flick.

And she also relished the idea of playing such a strong mother.

“The fun of the script was watching this everyday mom become a hero because she has to,” Berry said. “You know, a man can get a kid back, but so can a mom! So can a woman!”

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Berry recently opened up to ET about a real-life experience she had with her daughter Nahla that helped her relate to the chilling role. Watch the clip below to see what she said!

hits theaters Aug. 4.

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