EXCLUSIVE: Mark Ballas and BC Jean Talk Married Life, Plans for First Wedding Anniversary & Kids

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Mark Ballas and BC Jean take the term "lovebirds" to a whole new level.

When the adorable duo stopped by ET on Tuesday, they simply couldn't stop gushing over one another during our Facebook Live interview. The two opened up about what life is like as newlyweds, whether kids are in their future and how they're planning to spend their first wedding anniversary.

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Ballas, 31, and Jean, 30, said "I do" last November surrounded by family and friends in Malibu, California. At the time, Ballas' best man, Dancing With the Stars pro Derek Hough, told ET his pal was unable to have a bachelor party or go on a honeymoon due to his commitment to Broadway. The dancer was gearing up to play his "dream role" of Frankie Valli in Jersey Boys.

But now, nearly a year later, Ballas and Jean are hoping to plan their romantic getaway.

"We don't know where yet, and we're not going to tell you!" Jean joked to ET's Katie Krause. "We have ideas. And there's, like, 20 so, we don't know."

After that, they'll return home, where they're in the process of building a home studio. When asked about their five-year plan, the two said they hope it will be finished by then. They also are hoping to expand their family.

"We've talked about it, yeah," said Ballas. "We don't want to be old parents."

"The kid's going to have to go on the road with us, that's the only thing," added Jean. "We're like, 'OK, if we have children, how do we do it?' [Mark's] like, 'Our music career's going to be over, we're not going to be able to do this.' And I was like, 'No, I'll be pregnant on stage. Let's do this!'"

Jean confirmed she's "definitely not pregnant" right now -- "I had a few whiskeys last night" -- but she wants it to happen "at some point."

"I want three kids," Ballas revealed, telling ET he and Jean were both only children. "I would have loved to have someone to kind of play with and rough house with and keep me company, so I would like to have three."

Jean chimed in, saying she thinks they should "start with one" and "go from there."

"I would like a boy and a girl," she said. "But you don't know what's going to happen, so… let's start with one. We'll see what happens."

Ballas and Jean "spend every hour of every day" together, something they consider very special for a married couple. In addition to living together, the two get to travel and perform together as part of their band, Alexander Jean.

"I love that we get to travel together, go on these wild adventures," Ballas explained. "As musicians that are touring, it's rare that your spouse does the same thing and you can actually be in the same band. Usually you'll be doing all these amazing travels and going on all these adventures, Facetiming, [but] you're lonely. We never have to say, 'I wish you were here.'"

"I used to be so lonely when I was a solo artist," added Jean, who calls Ballas her best friend. "I was always lonely, it was sad. I was like, 'I don't know if this is meant for me.' Like, I love the road, but then there's this part missing. So now that we have each other, there's nothing missing.

When asked to share some of their favorite qualities about one another, Ballas' answer melted our hearts: "Her voice is my favorite sound, period."

Alexander Jean's latest EP, High Enough, is out now. Hear more from our chat, including an exclusive sneak peek at Ballas and Jean's new untitled behind-the-scenes music documentary, in the video below.

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