Watch Jimmy Kimmel's Hilarious 'Baby Bachelor in Paradise' Sketch!


Plenty of tears (and time outs) ahead! Now that The Bachelorette is over, Jimmy Kimmel has a new reality spin-off for Bachelor Nation. The late night host debuted Baby Bachelor in Paradise during his Monday show, and it didn’t disappoint.

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“Welcome to paradise, a serene utopia for small children whose parents, for some reason, had no problem with them doing this,” the host quipped in a voice over. “From passionate play dates to canoodling in the kiddie pool, which babies would pair off or be sent napping?”

Several of the youngsters then introduced themselves in traditional Bachelor fashion.

“Hi, my name is Cosette. I always fall for bad boys,” one little girl declared. “Alex is so cute. I make bad decisions!”

Then there was the token villain.

“I’m Maisie and I’m crazy!” another announced. “I’m going to find a boy who will never leave me… Sharks are my favorite animal, because they eat people!”

Maisie’s “date,” Brendon, seemed anxious by her declarations.

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“She’s so beautiful, but crazy,” he said. “I’m just scared of her.”

The sketch was aptly timed as Monday night was also the finale of The Bachelorette. To see who Rachel Lindsay chose and her interview on Kimmel, watch the clip below!

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