EXCLUSIVE: Channing Tatum on Epic Dance Party With Gas Station Attendant Beatrice: 'I Love Her to Death'

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Bust those moves, Channing Tatum!

Earlier this week in North Carolina, the 37-year-old actor had the best dance party ever with a gas station attendant named Beatrice, as he drove cross country to promote his latest film, Logan Lucky.

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ET's Nischelle Turner spoke with Tatum at the premiere of his new film in Tennessee on Wednesday, where he gushed about meeting Beatrice and how much he enjoyed the experience.

"Like, if it wasn't for Jenna [Dewan Tatum], I'd married Beatrice," the actor joked. "She was about to be my date tonight. Beatrice is the truth. Like, just honest to God truth. I love her to death."

The Magic Mike star added that he had so much fun and didn't want to leave, but felt he might get her in trouble.

"I was afraid that she was gonna get fired if I stayed any longer," he told ET. "I was, like, when this goes on the internet, I was, like, man, I hope she doesn't get in trouble for this. She's, like, fanning money around. I love her, man."

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Throughout his trip, Tatum shared pics of the adventure and also told ET about some of his favorite pit stops.

"We went to Harlan County, which is one of the, you know, places in Kentucky that we went and rode dirt bikes on a black mountain," he shared. "Literally, so many different places along the way. So many, just like, pieces of gold, you know, that we kept, just as soon as you be like, 'Alright, I guess we got everything here.' We sort of seen the town as much as you can see driving through it and then we would just run into another [town]."

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Logan Lucky
arrives in theaters on Aug. 18. For more on Tatum and his experience working on the film, watch below.