EXCLUSIVE: Evan Bass and Carly Waddell Say Their Pregnancy Was a 'Great Surprise': 'It's a Paradise Baby!'

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Evan Bass and Carly Waddell can't wait to meet their "Paradise baby!"

ET's Lauren Zima sat down with the Bachelor in Paradise alums on Monday, where they gushed about their recent wedding and their "surprise" baby on the way!

"It was a great surprise, it's a great little miracle," Waddell shared. "We took a pregnancy test in Mexico, and we saw the thing [in Spanish] and were like, 'What does that even say?' So we googled it!"

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"It's a Paradise baby!" Bass gushed, revealing that while their nuptials will air on Tuesday's episode of Bachelor in Paradise, the moment they found out they were pregnant was not caught on camera.

A few weeks later, the newlyweds are now looking forward to finding out the sex of their baby.

"We actually just took a blood test because we want to know really fast!" Waddell explained. "So we should know in the next like, week or two."

"[We need] to start planning!" added Bass, who has three sons from a previous relationship. "I mean, we got things to buy!"

"He's telling everyone it's going to be named Evan," Waddell revealed of possible names for their little one. "I think that's so confusing. If I'm mad, and I'm like, 'Evan!' and then you both run in like, 'What?' that's so confusing."

"I've got time, I'll wear you down," Bass joked.

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Before the baby arrives, fans will watch the cute couple walk down the aisle, in what they describe as an "emotional" and "electric" day -- despite the fact that it was filmed during Bachelor in Paradise's controversial shutdown.

"The wedding was going to happen [regardless]," Bass said of the big day, which guests like Ashley Iaconetti and Sarah Herron told ET they "panicked" about before flying down to Mexico. "It was perfect. I mean, you picture a dream wedding and this was everything that you could ever want and we just feel super honored and, so special."

The event was also special for their guests -- like Bachelor Nation couples Kaitlyn Bristowe and Shawn Booth, Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert and Nick Viall and Vanessa Grimaldi.

"Kaitlyn [was the wildest]," Bass confessed. "Oh my god, I have this memory in my brain of her just going crazy and my kids being like... I'm like, 'Yeah, that's Kaitlyn."

Iaconetti, meanwhile, shed some tears.

"What's new?" Waddell cracked. "It was like, outside of the wedding. She took it a little bit in the woods."

"She and Jared [Haibon] [walked] off and she's crying. [You] can't script that stuff," Bass confessed.

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But the couple, who say they want "one or two" more kids in the future, really can't wait to see themselves when their wedding airs on Tuesday.

"I have such a soft spot in my heart [for Bachelor in Paradise], because I know that it works. I mean, it worked for Jade and Tanner, it worked for us. Like, we just love it so much!" Waddell said, adding that it's their "dream" to have their future child possibly fall in love with Tolbert and Roper's soon-to-be baby girl on a future version of Paradise.

"That would be amazing!" she said. "It was so fun, the day before her baby shower, I was like, 'Jade, I have some news for you.' She's so excited! I mean, like, six months apart, so our kids will obviously be friends. Like, we're just really excited and I was like, 'Jade you can give me all of the tips!' And she was like, 'OK,' and I'm like, 'I'm glad you're going first!'"

As for whether the family will head to reality TV before their little one is grown, they said they're taking it "one step at a time" -- but they do have thoughts on who should be the next Bachelor.

"I think Wells [Adams] would be the greatest dark horse candidate," Bass revealed. "Dean [Unglert] is too young. Peter [Kraus] was on a mission to be the Bachelor, which if he makes it, good for him, but he was smart. That guy, he said all of the right Bachelor things to say, and kudos to him for doing it... but I think Wells would be a great choice."

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