Samuel L. Jackson Schools James Corden in 'Drop the Mic' Rap Battle: Watch!


Spoiler alert: Don’t challenge Nicky Fury to a rap battle. Samuel L. Jackson took on James Corden on Monday night during The Late Late Show’s “Drop the Mic” battle, and the seasoned actor didn’t hold back.

The British host, 38, started off strong, declaring, “It’s another ‘Drop the Mic’ where I end up an abuser to prove the ‘L’ in Samuel L. Jackson stands for loser… He’s the highest grossing actor, that’s a fact. That’s how he buys all those damn Kangol hats.”

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But then the 68-year-old actor jumped in, rapping, “I feel bad for you son, ‘cause I’m the real star. No one knows who are you are without Adele in a car… In the Emoji Movie I hear you just play a hand, so look, I’m going to put it in a way you can understand,” prompting him to flip Corden the bird.

Corden went on to reference some of Jackson’s best movies, rapping, “Now you get torn apart, like I’m a velociraptor and this is Jurassic Park. You’re known for Pulp Fiction and other big hits, but 90 percent of your IMDB page is s**t.”

Jackson got the last word, though, quoting his iconic line from Snakes on a Plane.

“He’s rattled! Did I hurt your feelings, James? The bright side is you battle me and now people know your name,” he quipped. “You got your a** kicked by a man twice your age. Now get this motherf**king hack off this motherf**king stage!”

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Corden has participated in rap battles with many other A-listers, includingAnne Hathaway, David Schwimmer, and Cara Delevingne.

For more Late Late Show fun, watch the clip below!