EXCLUSIVE: Demi Lovato Talks Working Out With Kate Hudson and How She Shrugs Off Body Shamers: My Body 'Is Wha

EXCLUSIVE: Demi Lovato Talks Working Out With Kate Hudson and How She Shrugs Off Body Shamers: My Body 'Is Wha

Demi Lovato is glowing.

The 24-year-old singer appears to be at her peak both mentally and physically these days, and she recently sat down with ET to talk candidly about how she takes care of herself as well as her highly anticipated new Fabletics line out on Aug. 16.

The Fabletics collaboration appears to be a perfect fit for Lovato, as she isn't shy about working hard for her fit physique. Lovato said she doesn't pay any attention to internet trolls commenting on her body.

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"I don't really deal with body shamers anymore because I don't look at it," she tells ET's Katie Krause. "I think everybody deals with haters. I feel like I don't really deal with haters anymore because I don't pay attention to it. And I think the more attention you give it, the more power it has over you. So, I focus on just what I see in the mirror and that's a beautiful person. And regardless of what I think of my body that day, I know that nobody can take who I am away from me."


"I don't read the comments," she continues. "And if I see a comment that says that 'she's fat' or whatever, I let it roll off my back because I just know that I'm healthy and I'm doing everything that I can to be healthy. So whatever my body is right now is, is what it is. So, love it or hate it, I'm still gonna love it."

Of course, aside from her physical health, Lovato also makes sure to prioritize how she's feeling mentally. Lovato says exercising has given her a positive outlet to deal with some of her emotional struggles.

"I see a therapist two days a week," Lovato shares. "I reach out to people. Whenever I'm struggling with something, you know, I work out. I eat clean. I have a healthy support system around me, so I do everything that it takes to maintain a happy, healthy lifestyle."


"Fitness is very important to me," the MMA enthusiast also says. "It helps with my physical strength, but more importantly, my mental strength. And so being able to work out is very important to my health, and it keeps me healthy enough to maintain a long-lasting career too."

Lovato says she actually met Fabletics co-founder Kate Hudson at a gym.

"We actually started working out together after we met in the gym," she recalls. "She was doing, like, this arm workout. So then I was like, 'Can I join?' She was like, 'Yeah,' and she was super cool -- super sweet. And they came to me with the idea and I could not say no."

"Working with Kate is really, really awesome," she gushes. "She's such a sweetheart. She's such a cool, free-spirited person."


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In April, Lovato showed off her enviable swimsuit bod in a super sexy plunging one-piece, Instagramming, "Why not?"

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