Seth Rogen Premieres 'Observe and Report' in Hollywood

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Seth Rogen Premieres 'Observe and Report' in Hollywood

Seth Rogen, Anna Faris, Ray Liotta, and Michael Peña premiered their new comedy 'Observe and Report' Monday night in Hollywood, and ET was there!

Anna Faris tells ET why she loved working with Seth and that she's looking forward to seeing how fans receive the dark comedy.

"Working with Seth is just so great, he's such an amazing guy," she says. "He's so laid back and cool. It was great. I think this movie is going to hopefully shock and appall people."

In the film Seth plays Ronnie Barnhardt, the head of mall security. Ronnie dreams of the day when he can move on to bigger and better things and real police work. When the mall is struck by a flasher Ronnie takes action in hopes that solving the case will earn him a spot at the police academy, and the love of his dream girl, Brandi (Faris).

Watch the video to hear Anna share engagement details, and explain how she gets red-carpet ready -- and find out what veteran actor Ray Liotta learned from working with Seth.

'Observe and Report' hits theaters this Friday.