Marie Osmond Remembers Michael Jackson


Marie Osmond talks to ET about the loss of Michael Jackson, recounting a special moment between the Osmond family and the Jacksons!

Marie spoke candidly about the loss of the King of Pop -- and she reveals what part of his public memorial touched her the most.

"I think what touched me the most about Michael's funeral was when his daughter stepped forward and said that he was such a good daddy," Marie says. "The saddest thing to me is that the people that I grew up with in this business, the people that I love, they're gone. I know what loss is, I know what that means to lose your parents. To lose him so young I know is going to be very hard for those kids. So hopefully they have that support that they need to get through this difficult time."

The iconic member of the famed Osmond family also tells ET about one of her memories with the late Farrah Fawcett, describing a time when Farrah appeared on the "Donny and Marie" show.

Marie, who, at the time we interviewed her, was in Atlanta launching her new collection of giftware and tabletop items by Giftcraft, tells ET that her collection of bags, home décor items and jewelry will hit stores in 2009. Her line of stationary, giftware, and home fragrances is set to launch in 2010.

Watch the video for more on Marie's thoughts about the death of Michael Jackson -- and find out more about the launch of her giftware products.