NFL Star Von Miller Says He Was 'Shocked' by Coronavirus Diagnosis

Von Miller at The 58th GRAMMY Awards
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The athlete shared how he found out he tested positive for COVID-19.

NFL star Von Miller was surprised to learn he tested positive for COVID-19.

The 31-year-old Denver Broncos linebacker is the second-known case of NFL pro players diagnosed with the coronavirus. Miller shared his story on the Today show on Thursday, explaining that he was "shocked" to find out he had the flu-like virus.

"It all started with just a simple cough and it got worse. I also have asthma. My girlfriend, she was telling me that I wasn’t sounding normal and I should try my nebulizer, so I did. [I use it] before football games and before practice regularly, but this time was different," Miller explained. "It really didn’t work like it should, had waited another day and the cough still didn’t go away… I got tested and two days later, my doctor called me and said I had a positive result for COVID-19."

The Texas native couldn't believe he had coronavirus, saying that he's "been taking this serious since day one." He explained that he was training in San Francisco and when the stay-at-home order was placed on the city, he and his girlfriend made the decision to go back to Denver.

"I’ve been here in Denver for about four weeks now and within that four weeks, I probably left the house four times," he continued. "With all of those four times, I never got out of the car -- just drive to pick up food and come back home. So I’ve really been taking it serious, staying at home."

Los Angeles Rams center Brian Allen was the first player to test positive. While the NFL has yet to be impacted by the coronavirus and lockdowns as it's the offseason, Miller did share his thoughts on what the league should do when it comes to getting out on the field.

"Just do whatever is safe," Miller noted. "Whatever is safe that would always be our first precaution…to do whatever we have to do to get things back to normal, that’s what we should do. We shouldn't move too fast."

Meanwhile, after news broke that he tested positive, Miller took to Instagram Story to thank everyone for their support and well wishes.

"Thanks for the love everybody. That's dope! AF! I'm going to do whatever I have to do to get thru this!" he wrote, adding, "Take this seriously. It's definitely FOR REAL."

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