Nick Cannon Releases Third Eminem Diss Track Amid Ongoing Feud

Nick Cannon
Tom Briglia/WireImage

Nick Cannon is on the attack again, releasing yet another diss track aimed at Eminem.

This latest song, titled "Cancelled; Invitation" features samples of several of Eminem's past tracks, many of which contain lyrics insulting Cannon and his ex-wife, Mariah Carey, as well as interviews in which Eminem apologizes for some of the offensive lyrics found in his early work.

Nick released a music video to WorldStarHipHop, shot in black-and-white, which starts with a two-minute intro of Cannon in a recording studio, smoking dramatically while listening to Eminem's interviews and old songs.

The actual diss track itself samples a very early Eminem song, from before the Kamikaze rapper found mainstream fame, that includes the lyric, "Black girls are bitches, black girls are dumb."

"We let you be a guest in this house but now you cancelled, Slim" Cannon raps in response to Eminem's lyrics. "Had to put my motherf**king turban on/ Outside your motherf**kin' suburban home/ Protesting with AKs and guns/ Our queens don't need your racism/ You're the KKK of this generation."

The music video ends with Cannon listening in disbelief at a longer section of Eminem's old track that includes the lyrics, "Black girls and white girls just don't mix, because black girls and dumb and white girls are good chicks."

This is the latest in an exchange of verbal blows between the celebrities, and it stems from Eminem's verse on Fat Joe's "Lord Above," which dropped last week.

In "Lord Above," Eminem came hard at Cannon and Carey -- calling Carey a "nut job" and Cannon "whipped." The song came 10 years after the "Lose Yourself" rapper first referenced the couple in his 2009 song, "Bagpipes From Baghdad." 

The back-and-forth between the pair continued, during which time Eminem threatened to release incriminating voicemails tied to his alleged relationship with Carey in 2001. She has denied they ever dated. 

Following Cannon's first diss track on Dec. 9, "The Invitation" -- in which Cannon invited Eminem to settle their beef on Wild 'N Out -- Eminem demanded an apology from the television personality. "I demand an apology Nicholas, you've made my gardener so jealous!" Eminem tweeted.

Cannon then dropped his second diss track, "Pray for Him," on Dec. 10. In the song, Cannon calls Eminem "the new white supremacist" and proclaims he'll never be a legend. 

Cannon took to Twitter on Thursday where he implied that "Cancelled; Invitation" is the final chapter in his Eminem diss trilogy.

For more on the ongoing feud between the rappers, check out the video below.


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