Nick Carter Sued For Sexual Battery, Alleged Incident During 2001 Backstreet Boys Tour

Nick Carter
Susannah V. Vergau/picture alliance via Getty Images

An attorney for the singer tells ET that the claims are 'untrue.'

Nick Carter is vehemently denying a claim that he sexually battered a minor while he was on tour with the Backstreet Boys more than two decades ago.

Michael Holtz, the singer's attorney, tells ET, "this claim about an incident that supposedly took place more than 20 years ago is not only legally meritless but also entirely untrue." The attorney continues, "Unfortunately, for several years now, Ms. [Shannon] Ruth has been manipulated into making false allegations about Nick -- and those allegations have changed repeatedly and materially over time. No one should be fooled by a press stunt orchestrated by an opportunistic lawyer -- there is nothing to this claim whatsoever, which we have no doubt the courts will quickly realize."

According to TMZ, Ruth, now 39, sued Carter for sexual battery over an alleged February 2001 incident she claims happened when she was 17. The outlet reports, citing legal documents, that Carter invited her to his tour bus following a Tacoma, Washington concert. 

Ruth, who claims to have autism and cerebral palsy, alleged Carter asked her if she wanted a drink but instead of giving her apple juice like she requested, she claims Carter told her he only had cranberry juice and handed her a "red-colored drink." She claims Carter referred to it as "VIP juice" and alleges it was a mix of alcohol and cranberry juice.

TMZ reports, citing legal documents, that Carter took her into the bathroom on the bus and ordered her to perform oral sex on him. She also claims he took her to a bed where he sexually assaulted her again. Following the alleged incident, Ruth says she told him she'd tell others about the alleged incident, but claims he threatened her and called her a "r******d little b**ch" and that no one would believe her story.

Ruth also went on to claim she was a virgin before the alleged incident and that she contracted HPV following the alleged sexual assault. She's suing for unspecified damages.

ET has learned that ABC will no longer air its planned Backstreet Boys holiday special, "A Very Backstreet Holiday," next week and comedy repeats will be airing in its place.

In a statement to ET, Ruth's attorney, Mark Boskovich of the San Jose-based law firm Corsiglia McMahon & Allard, says his client filed the lawsuit in Las Vegas because that's where Carter lives.

"We want entertainers like Carter to know that just because they’re famous they’re not above the law," Boskovich said.

In the same statement, Ruth claims she started cutting herself "to hide my pain" following the alleged incident 

"I still struggle with self-harm problems and I have self-esteem, trust and self-doubt issues," she added. "I am getting better and I am ready to seek justice. My main reason I'm here today is I want to stop Nick Carter from doing this to somebody else."