Nick Cordero's Wife Amanda Kloots Says She Doesn't Know If 'He'll Be Able to Work Again'

Nick Cordero’s Wife Posts Health Update After His Leg Was Amputated

The fitness instructor is doing what she can to support her family amid her husband's ongoing health struggles.

Amanda Kloots is doing everything she can to support her family amid her husband, Nick Cordero's, ongoing health struggles. The fitness instructor took to Instagram Story on Friday to get candid about the possibility of Cordero never being able to work again, as well as address the "negativity" she's seen on her Instagram.

She began by explaining that she "rarely" addresses negativity but wanted to make some things clear.

"My husband has been in the ICU for 91 days. We don't know if he'll make it. I hope and pray every single day of my life that he does," Kloots stated. "But, if he does make it, I don't know when he'll be able to work again."

"I am a business owner. I've had my fitness business for four years," Kloots continued. "I've worked every single day of my life. I've never not worked. I work hard and I'm proud of that."

"There's a lot in my life that is uncertain right now. I have a family. I have bills. I have no idea what Nick's hospital bills are going to be. I haven't even tried to wrap my head around that yet," she explained. "I have a mortgage. I have a car payment. I have a son that is one years old that I want to send to college one day, or at least give him whatever I can."

"So, I will work. I will continue to work. I will continue to create and I'll continue to try to share that with people and I hope and pray that you support me," she expressed. Kloots also added that she is proud to be a female entrepreneur.

Cordero has had endless struggles since being diagnosed with COVID-19. He's since tested negative but he's lost 65 pounds, had his leg amputated and underwent many procedures to stave off infections. Kloots has been sharing his journey on her social media accounts, posting regular updates and encouraging fans to sing and dance to Cordero's song, "Live Your Life."

Kloots, however, is not giving up on the 41-year-old Broadway star. "He is doing OK. He's stable. Nick's body is extremely weak. Muscles have atrophied, so he can't move his body yet," she told Gayle King during an interview with CBS This Morning this past week.

"He can still open his eyes, and when he is alert and awake, he'll answer commands by looking up or down, yes or no questions," she explained. "When I'm asking him, he will even try to smile or move his jaw. The nurses have all said that he answers my questions the best."

However, in order for Cordero to move forward, Kloots thinks her husband will have to undergo a double lung transplant.

"We think that that is most likely the possibility," she shared. "A 99 percent chance that he would be needing that in order to live the kind of life that I know my husband would want to live… That is a long road away and a lot of things would have to line up in order for Nick to be a candidate for that."

For more on his heath battle, watch below.