Nick Jonas Slams Fan Who Mocked His Height After Taking a Pic: 'You Need Some Manners'

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You better check yourself before messing with Nick Jonas, 'bruhh.'

You better check yourself before messing with Nick Jonas, "bruhh." 

The 24-year-old singer recently called out a fan on Instagram who mocked his height after taking a picture together.

A fan named Zak Hanzal posted a snap of himself posing with the pop star on Instagram this week, mocking the singer for his height. 

"@nickjonas u need a few more inches bruhh," he wrote alongside the pic. 

Jonas clearly didn't take the comment lightly, however, responding in the comments section, "You need some manners "bruh" I didn't need to stop to take that picture with you. Just rude. Very rude." 

The singer's fans also came to his defense, telling Hanzal to "grow up." 

"Dude you are rude!" one user wrote. "He takes time out to take a photo, and that's how you act? gets some manners!" 

Jonas later called off his fans, writing, "Hey y''s all good. No need to spread the hate," before Hanzal chimed in -- and changed his caption. 

"Everyone just calm the f-k down!!" Hanzel wrote. "It was just a joke and @nickjonas is cool with it. The caption has been changed..what's the fuss about?"

As for the new caption? That would be "One of the most humble superstars...MY MAN @nickjonas."