Nico Tortorella Champions the Women of 'Younger' Over the Men: 'I'm Team Liza' (Exclusive)

The actor tells ET that season six of the TV Land comedy is 'the most dramatic' one yet.

There's a lot to unfold in season six of Younger!

Viewers last left off with Charles (Peter Hermann) leaving Empirical and choosing to be with Liza (Sutton Foster) after discovering her real age. In another shocking turn of events, Josh's (Nico Tortorella) ex-wife Clare (Phoebe Dynevor) reappears and is nine months pregnant.

ET's Denny Directo caught up with Tortorella on Wednesday where he teased what’s to come on the TV Land series, and revealed why he champions the women of Younger over the men.

"This is the most dramatic season we've ever had," the actor expressed. "I think because of the energy of this country and the state of the world, Younger has always done a really good job of having its finger on the pulse and it's been a mirror of what's happening and what exists. The stakes are raised, everything is elevated this season."

So how will Josh handle becoming a father? "We don’t even know that he's the dad. Let's just make that very clear," Tortorella clarified.

He does, however, think that Josh would be a great father. "I think Josh has spent his entire life, at least of what we know on the show, trying and desperately reaching to take care of somebody and to give all of his love to something," he explained. "And a baby would be like the perfect vehicle, maybe, to do so. I think Josh was made to be a father."

While Clare may be back in Josh's life, there is still the deep connection that he has with Liza.

"This relationship has evolved so much over the last five, six seasons, and it will continue to. No relationship will ever be what it was," Tortorella shared. "Josh and Liza are not just ending anytime soon."

"I am very much Team Peter Hermann. He is the sweetest person and so genuine and intelligent and I love him so much. But I am not Team Charles," he jokingly said. "I think it is a very problematic character. It's a very problematic relationship. I got a lot to say."

That doesn't mean, though, that Tortorella is Team Josh. "I am Team Liza on the show. For sure! I am Team the Women of Younger," he preached. "I think this show is very much about female friendships, female empowerment and we should celebrate the female on the show, not continuously make it about 'which dude are you into.'"

While that may be so, fans are still obsessed with finding out who Liza will ultimately end up with and love a good love triangle.

"Yes, people love a good love triangle," he said. "I'm going to keep fighting for the Josh storyline. I love working, let's be honest."

Season six of Younger premieres Wednesday, June 12 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on TV Land.