Nicola Coughlan and 'Bridgerton' Producer Address Colin and Penelope Deleted Sex Scene Rumor

Rumors have swirled that a sex scene between Colin and Penelope was deleted from the show.

Nicola Coughlan is spilling some Bridgerton tea.

Following the release of season 3 of the hit Netflix series, rumors swirled that fans didn't see everything that was shot in Penelope Featherington's (Coughlan) romance with Colin Bridgerton (Luke Newton), but the actress put that speculation to rest.

In a Thursday Instagram post, Coughlan shared a behind-the-scenes look at Polin's wedding dance. Fans flooded the comments section, asking about deleted scenes, but the actress was quick to shut down the possibility.

"Aaah this is just a rumour!" Coughlan wrote in response to one comment. "I think you got all the Polin we had but there's lots of BTS still to share."

One of the show's producers, Tom Verica, also addressed the situation on Instagram, after fan comments poured into his post of behind-the-scenes shots. 

"Not sure where this all came from but these claims are false," he wrote of a possible deleted scene. "The supposed scenes listed in these posts don't exist."

While fans may be itching for more Polin, they did get Bridgerton's longest-ever sex scene in season 3. At nearly six minutes long, the spicy episode five scene is set to a string cover of Ariana Grande's "POV."

It's no surprise the third Bridgerton installment was steamy, as Coughlan previously revealed that she wanted to be "very naked" on the show.

"I specifically asked for certain lines and moments to be included," Coughlan told Stylist in an interview, per People. "There's one scene where I'm very naked on camera, and that was my idea, my choice."

"It just felt like the biggest 'f**k you' to all the conversation surrounding my body," she added. "It was amazingly empowering. I felt beautiful in the moment, and I thought: 'When I'm 80, I want to look back on this and remember how f**king hot I looked!' Not only did I consent to it, but I drove it."

When it came time to shoot the sexy scenes, things got so intense that Coughlan and Newton broke a piece of furniture. Shooting the moments with her real-life pal, Coughlan told ET, "It's scary going in, but then, thankfully, we have a really good relationship, so we can talk about it, and we can laugh about it when we need to."

Seasons 1-3 of Bridgerton are now streaming on Netflix.