Nicola Peltz Reacts to Husband Brooklyn Beckham Wanting 10 Kids (Exclusive)

The 'Welcome to Chippendales' actress and Beckham tied the knot in April.

Nicola Peltz Beckham is all in for a big family! In August, the actresses’ husband, Brooklyn Peltz Beckham, dished to ET that he wants to have 10 children with his wife. Nicola doesn’t mind that number at all.  

"That is really sweet," she tells ET’s Deidre Behar. "We really do want a big family. We want to have some of our own kids and then we really want to adopt kids too." 

Nicola says that her man's desire to have a lot of children was influenced by her big family. 

"I have seven siblings, so I think he loves being with my family and just being around so many boys," she says. "I think he has, like, built-in boy best friends now, so I think he really loves that."

Nicola and Brooklyn tied the knot in April during a stunning wedding ceremony in Palm Beach, Florida. 

After almost seven months of marriage, the Welcome to Chippendales star reveals that the love for her man is still there. 

"Brooklyn’s truly like my best friend" she gushes. "We’ve been together three years and I feel like I’m living with my best friend and also the love of my life, so it’s been nice."

She adds, "You have to marry your best friend."

In Welcome to Chippendales, Nicola transformed into actress and '80s Playboy Playmate Dorothy Stratten. For the role, the actress did a full physical transformation, which included bright blonde hair. Nicola says that the look got her man’s seal of approval.  

"He was like, 'Oh, I like the '80s hair.'" Nicola shares. "He was like, 'I really like Dorothy’s style,' I was like, 'OK, should I start changing up my look?'"

Nicola admits that she too loved her transformation into the '80s icon.  

"The hair, makeup and wardrobe on this set was unbelievable, truly amazing," she says. "When they put the wig on me for the first time and they did my makeup and then I finally went through wardrobe and put on my dress, it was really special because I felt like her so much."

See Nicola’s full transformation when Welcome to Chippendales premieres Nov. 22 on Hulu.