Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban on Raising Empowered Daughters: 'They're Pretty Aware' (Exclusive)

The couple talked about their own feminist upbringings and how the Time's Up movement is creating change.

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are raising some powerful little girls.

The couple spoke with ET's Nancy O'Dell on the Golden Globes red carpet on Sunday about how they discuss the issues of sexual misconduct and harassment that have been dominating the news with their daughters, Sunday and Faith.

"My mother was a feminist when I was growing up," Kidman said, acknowledging that strong women run in the family. As for her daughters, Kidman said, "They're pretty aware. They're very much about advocating for women's rights and for what they want to do and having opportunities."

Her husband Keith echoed that raising empowered young women comes from their example. "Hopefully Nic and I are living our morals...and the girls see that," he said.

Urban also cited Kidman's mother and his own mom as inspiring strong women. "They're also fortunate to have the grandmothers they do and be able to watch them and see how they live," he added.

The actress also praised the movement, and the women who began coming forward last fall with revelations of sexual harassment and misconduct began speaking out.

"We've had a whole seismic shift in terms of what's happening and people speaking out," she said. "There's an outcry right now...we're instigating change."

Kidman's Emmy-winning and Golden Globe-nominated series Big Little Lies has received praise for providing roles for women, as well as showcasing the harsh realities of domestic violence, and she was happy to celebrate their hard work.

"This is about celebrating what we did. It took a number of years to get this project made," she said.

And she couldn't have been happier about the fan reaction that generated a second season. "To have had the fans and the audience react in the way that they have to then will a second series, literally because of the audience's desire. We went, oh my gosh, we gotta to scramble and try and get this together if we want to to do a season two," she said.

But Kidman isn't resting on the accolades for Big Little Lies, and is already making moves to continue helping women in Hollywood.

"I'm going back to work on Tuesday with a female director, there's also a female DP, a first assistant director who's female, so in that sense, I'm trying to do my bit."

For more on the Time's Up movement and the Golden Globes, watch the video below.