Nicole Kidman Reveals the Best Advice Her Family Priest Gave Her and Keith Urban

The actress and her 'Big Little Lies' co-stars are featured on five separate covers for InStyle's June issue.

Nicole Kidman is continuing to open up about her faith and family.

The 51-year-old actress glows on one of InStyle's five covers for June, a special issue featuring the Big Little Lies cast. Inside the magazine, Kidman gets candid on her marriage to Keith Urban and raising their two daughters, 10-year-old Sunday and 8-year-old Faith, in Nashville, Tennessee.

"I love having my artistic path, and then my other passion is my family. That's probably all I need in my life," she explains. "Other people are off doing things like having a girls' weekend. I don't have that because I go home. I want to be with my children and my husband."

"I'm an introvert, so my nature is very quiet, and I prefer being home," she continues. "I'm deeply sensitive, so my ability to handle an enormous amount of exterior stress or toxicity … I know when I'm in the wrong place, and I go, and I leave. My home is very nourishing."

Pamela Hanson/InStyle

Kidman revealed earlier this month that going to church as a family is something very important to her, telling Vanity Fair, "That's how we are raising our children. Keith has his own beliefs but he comes, too." She tells InStyle that she and Urban have picked up quite a lot of advice from their family priest over the years.

"The greatest thing our family priest told us very early on in our marriage was, 'Always kiss hello and kiss goodbye,'" says Kidman, who also shares two kids, Conner and Bella, with ex-husband Tom Cruise. "It just keeps you connected."

The other four covers feature Kidman's Big Little Lies co-stars Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley, Zoe Kravitz and Laura Dern, a tribe of ladies the actress has formed a "great allegiance" with since the beginning of season one.

"We all come in with our own set of skills. There's great listening and great contributing and great compromise," Kidman gushes. "What a lovely thing to play the women we play and have people feel like they know them. I've never had that. I'm not used to that. It feels so good. Makes me feel very close to people."

Pamela Hanson/InStyle

"I like to make people laugh," adds Witherspoon. "Zoë tells jokes too. Nicole carries around a bag of snacks with rock-hard old-lady candies, giving out peppermints and butterscotches. Shai is just chill. And Laura gets delirious and starts making up musicals ... It’s truly one of the greatest experiences of my career. I feel like a door opened, and I'll never go back the other way."

Big Little Lies returns to HBO for its second season on June 9. In the meantime, hear more from the cast in the video below!