Nikki Bella’s Doctor Says It’s Time for Her to Give Up Wrestling (Exclusive)


The WWE Superstar gets some bad news on the next episode of ‘Total Bellas.’

Have we seen the last of Nikki Bella in the ring?

ET has your first look at this week’s episode of Total Bellas, which finds Nikki back at her doctor’s office in hopes of getting cleared to compete at WrestleMania 2017. The 33-year-old previously injured her neck in 2016, returning to the ring seven months after undergoing an initial surgery to fuse her spine.

“I’m afraid that you actually herniated above the fusion,” her doctor says, showing Nikki an X-ray of her neck.

“It’s become like a domino effect,” he notes. “You cannot deny that you have a condition with the spine. I’m afraid that, if you keep doing what you’re doing, this gonna end up in another surgery. Or even worse, bodily injury … the first time, God gave you a chance to do that, so how much can you push? You have to understand, there is a risk.”

“Let’s put it this way,” he continues. “If you were a family member of mine, I probably would be telling you, this is time to find something else. I would prefer [you] not to do it.”

You’ll have to tune into Total Bellas, airing this Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on E!, to see if Nikki heeds her doctor’s advice. She also recently opened up about the experience on Dancing With the Stars -- and to ET.

"I think any time you hear that you're about to paralyze yourself, or even worse, it's just scary, because you start to realize how precious life is," she shared, recalling the exact moment she was told her neck was about to break in half. "I felt like, in that moment, I was taking it for granted. I was loving being the champion and I wasn't listening to my body. I almost felt like I was untouchable in a way -- that I could just keep going and everything would be OK. I fortunately was lucky enough to catch it before then, but when you hear that stuff ... I had to be so strong, mentally."

For more with Nikki, check out the video below.