Nikki Lund Debuts 'Better Days' Music Video – Watch!

Nikki Lund music video

Fashion designer Nikki Lund doesn’t just dress Hollywood’s A-list musicians -- like Blake Shelton, Miley Cyrus and Carrie Underwood -- she incorporates her style into her own music videos!

The songstress just released for her new rock 'n' roll single ‘Better Days,’ where she pulls double duty as the star and stylist, dressing everyone involved, including The Walking Dead star Chad Coleman in his music video debut. Lund herself rocks no fewer than five epic looks in the video, including a $10,000 custom gown that she wears while wading in the pool. Talk about a rock star move!

Lund started out in Hollywood as a touring musician, telling ET that she was inspired by her father, who was a bass player, and her mother, a trained opera singer. And once she hit the stage, Lund quickly gained celebrity fans who wondered, "Who is SHE wearing?" The answer: Nikki Lund.

In the time since, Lund has become a top stylist and designer, with clients including Kate Beckinsale, Janice Dickinson, Avril Lavigne and Kylie Jenner, and a new summer essentials collection debuting on July 1.

ET recently caught up with Lund to dish about ‘Better Days’ and how she makes fashion and music mix.

How do you decide on your looks for your music video?

Whenever [I] begin shooting a new video, I take the concept of the song and go back to my rock roots; that's where all my designs begin. I love biker jackets and always like to add an urban feel, like Vans and leggings. I often mix and match rock 'n' roll and streetwear, which gives it a little bit of a punk feel. I do have a glam team, but that's for makeup and hair. I always make sure to dress myself and everyone in the video.

Tell us about 'Better Days.' From the behind-the-scenes video, it looks like you're wearing a couple of wigs in the video -- are these looks you'd like to experiment with in real life?

I love lots of exciting looks in my videos. In real life, I have had my hair every color under the sun. Now that I am a mother, I have toned it down a bit. Wigs are a great way to get the same look without scaring my 1-year-old [son Hendrix]. He needs to recognize me when I kiss him goodnight.

What is your single ‘Better Days’ about?

I've been asked that a lot lately. Between the controversies of President Donald Trump and the #MeToo movement, we are looking for better days. While that's important, I see 'Better Days' as all people taking a step to make better things happen. Be the change you want to see in this world, that's my motto.

How did you get involved in both music and fashion?

Music came from my dad, who is a bass player, and my mother, who sang Italian opera. And my fashion design sense came from my mother and grandmother, who are expert seamstresses.

You recently debuted a capsule collection of 10 pieces known as 'The System.' Why do you believe in a capsule wardrobe as an everyday styling solution?

For myself and my music clients, it’s important for us to be able to express our most intimate and wildest looks in our videos, but also to look great day and night, effortlessly. That is what "The System" is all about, and I've been blessed because it works for everyone, famous or not, which has been the reason for its overwhelming success.

Do any of your clients prefer this capsule wardrobe solution in their everyday lives?

Yes, many use it. My clients like Kaley Cuoco and Avril Lavigne, they love "The System" because it's easy and they both work nonstop; it just makes sense because it saves them time to focus on their careers. My clients like Blake Shelton, Britney Spears and Miley Cyrus prefer custom couture.

What are key pieces that every woman needs in her closet to create her own capsule wardrobe?

Every woman needs black pants, a classic white Oxford shirt, a black blazer and a little black dress and, of course, it’s important to have a pair of jeans. If you can only travel with 5 items, these would be key.

Reporting by Adriane Schwartz

For more tricks to look like Hollywood royalty -- or actual royalty, watch the video below.


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