Notre Dame Cathedral Fire in Paris: Celebrities React

Notre Dame Fire

Celebrities are reacting to the heartbreaking news that the historic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France, has caught fire.

After photos and videos began to surface Monday morning showing the landmark's spire engulfed in flames, stars took to social media to express their sadness over the tragedy.

Big Little Lies star Laura Dern was one of the first celebrities to tweet about the blaze, writing, "I'm weeping. Our gift of light. Notre Dame on fire. My heart is breaking. My grandmother's and mother's heart home."

Josh Gad said he felt "sick" by the news. "I am not ready to say goodbye to this treasure," he explained. "My eyes are filled with tears and my heart is filled with sickness. I cannot believe that we are about to lose one of the world’s most beautiful structures & a piece of history that cannot be replaced."

Ellie Goulding also weighed in and said she was feeling "profoundly sad" about seeing pics and videos of the cathedral engulfed in flames. "I am praying (which I don't do often) for the fire to be contained soon," she tweeted. "Utterly heartbreaking."

"Standing here next to you, heartsick for Notre Dame...," added Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Idris Elba shared a similar message, tweeting, "I cannot believe what’s happening to Notre Dame."

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According to CBS News, the iconic spire at the top of the Notre Dame Cathedral collapsed after a major fire broke out Monday. A collection of dramatic videos and photos quickly spread through social media, showing the roof and spire of the nearly 900-year-old cathedral engulfed in flames and massive amounts of smoke billowing up from its roof.

The outlet reports that authorities have not yet released the cause of the fire or any further information as to how the fight to suppress the flames has progressed, but according to the fire service, the blaze may potentially involve renovation works being carried out at the site.

Notre Dame was constructed in 1163 during the reign of King Louis VII and was completed in 1345. The cathedral is a worldwide Parisian icon, receiving 12 to 13 million visitors a year. Stay tuned here for more updates as the story develops...